The Ranting Canadian

Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister, close personal friend of murderous dictator Augusto Pinochet, and idol of capitalist extremists everywhere, was in hospital just before Christmas to have a growth removed from her bladder. Unfortunately her spokeswoman said she is doing “absolutely fine”, despite experiencing serious health problems in recent years.

Meanwhile, many of her fellow citizens — and citizens of other countries who have adopted her vicious agenda of slashing and privatizing healthcare — can’t access the treatments they need in an uncomplicated and timely manner.

Give it up, evil Baroness Thatcher. You’re almost 88 years old, you’re sick, and you’ve already caused enough damage to the world. Fade away and make room for somebody else. We need some good political news in 2013.


The video is Pete Wylie and Mick Jones performing  “The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies” at a benefit concert in London, England in 2011.

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