The Ranting Canadian

I don’t know of any political leaders in the English-speaking world who have had more protest songs written about them than Margaret Thatcher, but that record may eventually go to Canada’s Stephen Harper by the time his reign of errors is over.

Harper and Thatcher are cut from the same political cloth, but Harper is sneakier and more evasive than Thatcher. He has had the extra benefit of learning from Thatcher’s public relations mistakes and of being coached by United States Republican Party dirty tricks experts.

Here is a video of a fairly new anti-Harper song, “Idle No More: Canadian Winter” by Alishia Fox. It has a catchy melody and bang-on lyrics.

Stephen Harper’s our sinister,
lying, cheating, crime minister.
We need a leader we can trust
Removing you is a must.

His laws woke us from our nap.
Now it’s time to take our country back.
We know he’s nothing but a cheat
and we’re no longer asleep.

This is Canada united.
He wants to keep us divided
but can’t you hear the country shout?
We want this mother sucker out!

Stephen Harper’s our sinister,
war monger, crime minister.
He’s got his prisons and his guns.
Our only weapon is our tongues.

Our drums are beating down his door.
We are idle no more
It’s time to even out the score.
We won’t take his shit anymore.

Oh Canada now it’s the hour
for us to reclaim our power.
Our pens are stronger than his sword.
We’ll leave him weeping on the floor.

Stephen Harper’s our sinister,
corporate whore, crime minister.
Money and oil in his blood.
It’s time we stick him in the mud.

There’s a hammer in his fist
smashing Canada to bits.
It’s time we all stand our ground
before he sells us by the pound.
While we struggle to eat
we will stand on our feet.
We will take to the streets
until we see his defeat.

Stephen Harper’s our sinister,
dirty politics, crime minister.
Now the time has come
for us to clean up this scum.

Canada, it’s time to be seen
for we all share a dream,
the end of Harper’s regime
and separation from the queen,
cause he’s acting like our king
so we won’t wait until the spring.
You think you’re safer in the snow
but we won’t stop until you go.

Stephen Harper’s our sinister,
lying, cheating, crime minister
we need a leader we can trust.
Removing you is a must.
For Canada or bust.

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